About Us

We are a new company on the market, where we highlight the best quality products with a guaranteed absorption. And, we are focused on the result of each consumer, because it matters for us, and that is why we have a wide range of plants. As well as fast delivery, due to the fact that we work with DHL / DPD / Fastway / where we deliver in Ireland and all over Europe / all over the world. We what and tend to be present in every house.


We dream of a happy and healthy customer, pleased with the product’s quality, able to understand and follow these 7 steps of the Health Concept that solutes health problems. We hope you find more about how our bodies work, and, of course, how they function, what they need to survive and feel good, from morning ‘till dawn.

Our Goal





Our Mision - Milestones


To help people create optimum health by sourcing and supplying innovative, natural and organic food supplements, remedies and lifestyle options, while at the same time respecting and preserving a sustainable environment for future generations, for they are our legacy. This is the best propaganda for a future that is to be expected, believing and taking care of us.


→ Products quality – this is all that matters nowadays.

→ Maximum safety/does not contain genetic/hormonal modified products or artificial aromas, we don’t trust chemicals since day one!

→ High qualified specialists and laboratories designed for the best results.

→ In harmony with Nature, Health and – Organic Standards

→ Innovative technics that reflects people’s safety, what could be better?


→ Your Positive thinking – fewer wrinkles.

→ Physical activity – more energy.

→ Hydration with Coral water with alkaline effect and that’s not all.

→ Detoxification at a cellular level and cleansing of the lymphatic system – this is the inside fitness activity for your blood.

→ Green nourishment at a cellular level.

→ Boost the immune system with polyunsaturated fatty acids, and get better day by day.

→ Protection with antioxidants – your bulletproof vest!

Reasons WHY Join Organiciherbs?

Being best friend with your body brings a lot of good in your life!

Because – Health & Nutrition Concept promotes solutions regarding a healthy and active lifestyle.

Join the organic herbs for FREE and enjoy our Discount Program.

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