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Who We Are & Why We're Different

The organiciherbs.com website was created, along with our products, to feature the highest quality herbs and combinations of dietary supplements, that will improve your well-being and health of everyone who wants to choose their natural path towards a strong health and a calm well-being.

Health & Nutrition Concept’s herbs and food supplements have a superior quality, guaranteed by our high standards, tested, with a unique selection of components for each supplement created.

The company collaborates with laboratories around the world, in order to create the combination of plants with maximum absorption for a maximum effectiveness.

The prime material comes directly from the producer, ecological, organic and with biodegradable bottles that serve the maintenance of the nutrients, because with our health, we also care about the environment. The liposomal nutraceutical spectrum is manufactured according to an Aktin technology, this is the worldwide patented technology for the dry preparation of liposomes.

Health & Nutrition Concept uses superior technologies in the manufacture of supplements, that offers more than what is necessary, it improves the most crucial step: absorption. We invest in our business, therefor in your future, as we want the best to achieve it’s goal – A beautiful mind in a healthy body.

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